Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the procedure of choice for women who want larger breasts. Through the placement of saline or silicone implants, Dr. Krugman can give you larger breasts, or he can restore breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss.

Who Can Benefit From Breast Augmentation?

  • If you want fuller breasts that match your body proportions, you may be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation.
  • When one breast is noticeably larger than the other, the surgery can significantly improve breast symmetry.
  • Women who experience a change in their breasts after weight loss or pregnancy can often benefit from breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation in Orange County: What to Expect

  • During the consultation, your goals for the procedure will be clearly established. Dr. Krugman will discuss the procedure in detail and evaluate your health and medical history. To determine the best surgical plan, you will review the various breast augmentation techniques and implants.
  • Implants come in different sizes. Common sizes range from 200 to 600 ml. Different shapes are also available, with round or teardrop (anatomical) shaped breast implants.
  • Before surgery, general anesthetic or local anesthetic and intravenous sedation are administered for your comfort.
  • Small incisions are made in one of the following three areas: under the areola, along the breast crease, or in the armpit.
  • A pocket is formed either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. The implant is slipped into place within the pocket and carefully secured. The incisions are closed using fine sutures for minimal scarring.

What Happens After Breast Augmentation?

  • The incisions are covered with bandages or dressings. Drains may be inserted in some cases to allow for fluid removal. These are removed within a few days.
  • A supportive bra is provided after surgery, which will be worn throughout the recovery period, for a few weeks if necessary.
  • Suture removal occurs at 1-2 weeks. At this time you may resume a normal, low-activity schedule. More intense activity may be resumed after about one month.
  • There may be some discomfort for the first few days, with some swelling and bruising, which subsides within a few weeks.

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation

  • Breast augmentation may be performed in a variety of ways. In addition to the various implant choices, there are different techniques to consider. Some patients choose the endoscopic transaxillary technique because, with an incision near the underarm, the surgical scar is discreet. Most women undergo the inframammary fold technique, which allows Dr. Krugman direct access to the breasts. All techniques and implants have their own benefits and considerations, and should be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Krugman.
  • For women with sagging breasts, a breast lift is an alternative that can provide a more youthful and perky appearance. While the breasts are not changed in volume, they are lifted and loose skin is tightened. In some cases, a breast lift can be combined with augmentation.

Schedule Your Consultation

A consultation with Dr. Krugman is a great way to have all your breast augmentation questions answered. You will have the opportunity to discuss personal questions and look through our before and after photos. Call 714‐972‐1811 to schedule a consultation. Our plastic surgery office is located in the Tustin/Santa Ana area at 720 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 202, Santa Ana, CA 92705.