Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction treats gynecomastia, which is the medical term for feminine breasts. This condition affects up to 60 percent of the male population. It may be caused by genetics, medications, steroids, estrogen and the use of certain drugs.

Who Can Benefit From Male Breast Reduction?

  • Symptoms of gynecomastia include excess chest fat, excess glandular tissue, sensitivity, and protruding nipples. Some cases are linked to the patient's lifestyle, and should be investigated before surgery is considered.
  • If you're a man with excess breast tissue, you may be a candidate for male breast reduction. For many adults, diet and exercise fail to achieve a flat chest. In these cases, breast reduction may be the answer.
  • If one breast is larger than the other, male breast reduction can improve symmetry.

Male Breast Reduction in Orange County: What to Expect

  • Before the procedure, you will meet with Dr. Krugman to discuss goals, risks, expectations, and other details. Your chest will be examined, and will be marked along surgical landmarks. If surgery is scheduled, you will discuss the surgical plan with Dr. Krugman.
  • Dr. Krugman typically performs this procedure under intravenous sedation with local anesthetic. In some cases, general anesthetic may be used.
  • An incision is made around the areola. In severe cases, additional incisions may be necessary under the breast. Excess breast tissue (glandular tissue and fat) is removed through the areolar incisions. If fat deposits are present, liposuction is used. The skin is repositioned around the areola and excess skin is removed. The incisions are closed with fine sutures.

What Happens After Male Breast Reduction?

  • After male breast reduction, Dr. Krugman applies a bandage to the area to protect from infection and minimize swelling. In some cases drains may be used to relieve fluid buildup.
  • An elastic pressure garment is typically provided to be worn immediately. This will be worn for 3-6 weeks and helps with healing and swelling.
  • Generally all stitches may be removed in a week's time. You can typically resume your normal schedule at this time, without strenuous activity. Intense activity should be avoided for 1-2 months. The area should be protected from sun for up to six months.
  • Some discomfort may occur after the procedure, which can be treated with medication. Swelling and bruising may also occur, but should fade over the first few weeks.

Alternatives to Male Breast Reduction

  • In some cases, liposuction may be all that is needed to reduce the breast size. With only liposuction, the incisions will be very small and the downtime minimal.
  • Areolar reduction may also be necessary for larger breasts. Often the areolar tissue has been stretched over time, leading to larger or imbalanced nipple size.

Schedule Your Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Krugman, you will discuss potential complications in detail. You may also review past patient photos and determine financial details. Please call 714‐972‐1811 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in the Tustin/Santa Ana area at 720 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 202, Santa Ana, CA 92705.