Mark E. Krugman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration has been of very special interest of Dr. Krugman since the 1970s. He was initially mentored by one of Beverly Hills' pioneers of hair restoration surgery. As a resident in training in plastic surgery, Dr. Krugman continued to refine his technique, which he subsequently taught to surgeons and dermatologists in practice.

Hair transplantation is dependent on the principle of "Donor Dominance." Simply stated, the hair retains the characteristics of the area from which it is taken, rather than those of the area to which it is transplanted. From the 1970s to the mid-1980s, the donor graft area was large. After that, the donor area became smaller and the number of hairs taken from the donor area larger. Today we cut grafts with special binocular microscopes into small follicular groups.

It has always been a priority to maintain hair restoration surgery as an integral part of our practice. One of the difficulties in performing hair restoration surgery is the maintenance of a skilled team. Our key graft cutters were trained in Europe and have, in turn, taught others.

Primary Breast AugmentationOur hair restoration patients are treated as are our other plastic surgery patients. All consultations are with Dr. Krugman. We only treat one patient at a time. Our entire focus is on that one patient. All our surgeries take place in an accredited surgical center. A critical care nurse monitors the patient and provides sedation if needed.

Many of our referrals are from our professional colleagues, including other plastic surgeons. Because of our unique referral pattern, about 40 percent of our patients are women. We are very proud and flattered that celebrities, other physicians, and individuals who could go anywhere they choose have become our patients. We have directed our practice towards those who seek individual treatment from a dedicated, caring, detail-oriented team.

Dr. Krugman enjoys writing and lecturing on hair transplantation to physician groups. If you are interested in the articles he's written, please feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to send you a brochure of Dr. Krugman's publications and his extensive training.

Dr. Krugman is quoted in April 2008 Vogue Magazine.




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