Independent Medical Evaluations

For Attorneys and Insurance Companies

It is often necessary in our legal system to have the opinion of a trained medical expert. Dr. Krugman has been called to present his professional opinion in many legal proceedings over the years. He is extremely familiar with the process and details of being a medical expert in a legal context.

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In What Situations Does Dr. Krugman Provide This Service?

  • Personal injury cases with accidents, trauma, bites or nasal damage.
  • Short-term or long-term breast implant complications.
  • Unnecessary or atypical scarring in various forms.

Independent Medical Examinations in Orange County

  • Dr. Krugman is very experienced with the paperwork and process of being a legal medical expert. His staff has in-depth experience with the forms and procedures necessary to ensure a smooth process.
  • The experience of Dr. Krugman in these matters over the years means his reports will be thorough and appropriate. His knowledge of what is expected in these reports means that his final product will be written to the highest possible standard.
  • Dr. Krugman is experienced with all levels of the independent medical evaluation process. This includes the initial paperwork and contact information, the report process, and court appearances if necessary.

Does Dr. Krugman Treat the Patients in These Cases?

  • Dr. Krugman appears in these cases as a medical expert, not as a participant in the case. His work is completely impartial, and is held to current medical and legal standards for ethical and professional behavior.
  • There is no recruitment of patients in Dr. Krugman's legal cases. However, there have been a number of cases in which the patients have approached him through their attorney following the conclusion of the case. In these situations, Dr. Krugman is happy to provide guidance and medical care.

Why Does Dr. Krugman Provide This Service?

  • Dr. Krugman was initially approached to serve in this capacity many years ago. Since that time, the requests have steadily increased as his experience in this area grows.
  • The opportunity to contribute positively to the legal process is something that is very important to Dr. Krugman. His involvement over the years has been a positive factor and a source of professional satisfaction.

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Dr. Krugman would be happy to discuss his services for a variety of legal situations. Please call 714‐972‐1811 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in the Tustin/Santa Ana area at 720 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 202, Santa Ana, CA 92705.