Latisse-orange-countyAs you age, the volume, length and color of your lashes may begin to diminish. Others are born with short or sparse eyelashes.

Fortunately, we now have Latisse™ – a breakthrough technology clinically proven to enhance your lashes in as little as 12 weeks. Latisse is available by prescription only.

Who Can Benefit From Latisse?

  • Latisse is an ideal treatment for men and women who are disappointed with the length, thickness or color of their lashes.
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with certain eye conditions may not be ideal candidates for Latisse.
  • People taking antibiotics or heart medication, as well as those with significant medical conditions or allergies also may not be good candidates for Latisse.
  • During your consultation, we will be able to determine if Latisse is right for you based on factors such as your medical history and cosmetic goals.

Latisse In Orange County: What to Expect

  • Latisse is a prescription-only medication. Once you have received a prescription, you will be responsible for applying Latisse on a nightly basis at home.
  • Prior to each application, your face should be thoroughly cleansed and your contacts should be removed.
  • Using a sterile brush applicator, you will need to apply Latisse to the lash line of your upper eyelids. Application to the lower lids is not necessary or recommended.
  • Latisse applicators are disposable and should be discarded after each individual use.

What Happens After Latisse?

  • The final results of Latisse will appear gradually over the course of several weeks. Most people achieve optimal results after 16 weeks of regular application.
  • According to clinical studies, people who used Latisse as directed saw a 25 percent increase in the length of their lashes, a 106 percent increase in lash fullness, and an 18 percent increase in the darkness of their lashes.
  • Latisse does not provide permanent lash enhancement. Sustained regular use will be required to maintain results. If you stop using Latisse, your lashes will gradually return to their pre-treatment state over the course of several months.

Alternatives to Latisse

  • Latisse is the first prescription treatment that makes your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. Currently there are no medical alternatives to Latisse.
  • Mascara, false lashes or eyelash extensions may temporarily improve the appearance of your lashes, but they will not directly impact the natural length, volume or color of your lashes.

Schedule Your Consultation

Dr. Mark E. Krugman is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving the Tustin/Santa Ana area and Orange County. If you are interested in setting up a consultation for Latisse with Dr. Krugman, please call our office at 714-972-1811.