There are many areas of the body where stubborn fat deposits can accumulate. The abdomen, thighs, upper arms, sides, and neck may not respond to your efforts with diet and exercise. To slim down these areas, Dr. Krugman performs liposuction, a common procedure that removes fat in nearly any area of the body.

Who Can Benefit From Liposuction?

  • If you have diet-resistant body fat in one or more areas, you may be a great candidate for liposuction.
  • It is important to have good skin elasticity if you're considering liposuction. When the fat is removed, your skin shrinks back to accommodate a smaller shape.
  • During other body contouring procedures, such as arm lift surgery, breast reduction, or a thigh lift, Dr. Krugman may also perform liposuction.

Liposuction in Orange County: What to Expect

  • Dr. Krugman's initial consultation with you will include a detailed description of your goals. He will examine your trouble areas and discuss your liposuction options with you. Treatment areas may be marked prior to surgery.
  • Typically, local anesthetic is administered with intravenous sedation for your comfort. In some cases, general anesthetic may prove a better option.
  • Very small incisions are made near the treatment areas. A long, thin tube is passed through the incision and excess fat is suctioned. This process may be assisted by the use of ultrasonic pulses or lasers.
  • The incisions are closed following the procedure. Thin sutures are used for minimally noticeable incision lines.

What Happens After Liposuction?

  • The incisions may be treated with small dressings or bandages. Typically, you may feel a discomfort similar to a vigorous workout. Any pain may be treated with medications.
  • Compression garments may be worn immediately and throughout the recovery period. These should improve healing and shrink the skin to fit the new body contours.
  • Swelling and bruising may occur. The bruising typically resolves in about a week, and the swelling in the first few weeks.
  • Stitches may be removed after the first week, and normal activities resumed. Rigorous activity should be avoided for several weeks until the body has had a longer time to recover.

Alternatives to Liposuction

  • For more serious situations involving skin inelasticity, body contouring procedures are often preferred. These procedures remove excess skin and tissue in addition to fat removal. They include arm lifts, upper and lower body lifts, thigh lifts, breast lifts and the mommy makeover procedure.
  • Liposuction may be performed in addition to a number of other procedures, such as face lifts or male breast reduction.

Schedule Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Krugman will provide you with all necessary information about your liposuction. It will include all possible complications as well as your relevant medical history. Please call 714‐972‐1811 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in the Tustin/Santa Ana area at 720 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 202, Santa Ana, CA 92705.