Neck Lift


The neck lift procedure is an excellent way to treat highly visible aging signs on the neck. These conditions may include jowls, double chins or the appearance of a turkey wattle. The benefits of a neck lift are achieved with minimal incisions and downtime.

Who Can Benefit From a Neck Lift?

  • Anyone with excess skin and fat accumulation around their neck.
  • Men and women with jowls, double chins or a "turkey neck" appearance.
  • Those whose neck reflects an age beyond that of their face or body.

Neck Lifts in Orange County: What to Expect

  • Your consultation with Dr. Krugman will include a complete discussion of your hopes for the procedure. Your neck will be examined completely and possible surgical plans explored. Your neck may be marked prior to surgery.
  • Anesthetic is administered prior to the procedure for your comfort. General anesthetic is often used, or the combination of intravenous sedation and local anesthetic.
  • Small incisions are made below or behind the ears. If you are having a platysmaplasty, an incision will be made underneath the chin.
  • The platysmaplasty involves the removal of a section of the platysma muscle. Surrounding muscles may also require adjustment to improve the overall appearance.
  • The underlying tissue is rearranged and stretched through the incisions. It is then secured in place as needed with internal sutures. The incisions are closed using fine sutures for minimal scarring.

What Happens After a Neck Lift?

  • Drains and bandages are typically applied to the area following the procedure. This helps relieve fluid buildup and minimize swelling or possible complications. Elevation of the area and ice packs may also be recommended to minimize swelling.
  • Pressure dressings may be applied to further minimize swelling. These may also help keep the tissues in their new positions. Swelling should mostly dissipate in a few days, and be completely gone in a few weeks.
  • Any discomfort in the days immediately following the procedure may be managed with medication. Bruising may also occur, which should diminish over the first few weeks.
  • Sutures are typically removed in about a week, and normal activities may then be resumed. Intense activity should be avoided for several weeks to prevent accidental opening of the incisions. The neck should be protected from sun and accidental impact for 3-6 months.

Alternatives to a Neck Lift

  • For more serious facial drooping and aging, an entire face lift may provide a better result. This procedure treats sagging and excess skin of the neck and face.
  • If you have excess neck fat but fairly elastic skin, you may be treated through liposuction alone. This requires much smaller incisions and more minimal downtime.
  • In some cases, an endoscopic neck lift may be performed for minimal recovery time. This procedure uses an endoscope and smaller incisions to treat neck concerns. It is most appropriate for mild to moderate neck aging.

Schedule Your Consultation

During your neck lift consultation with Dr. Krugman, you will discuss all possible complications. You will also be able to have your questions addressed and view photographs of past neck lift patients. Please call 714‐972‐1811 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in the Tustin/Santa Ana area at 720 N. Tustin Ave., Suite 202, Santa Ana, CA 92705.