What is Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is dedicated to helping patients achieve a more proportionate physical appearance that brings out their natural beauty while minimizing trouble areas. Dr. Krugman and his team are thoroughly experienced in matching each patient with the perfect procedure or set of procedures to help them realize their goals.

Cosmetic surgery differs from reconstructive surgery, which deals with the return of injured or damaged portions of the body to their previous appearance. Generally, cosmetic surgery is performed on patients in good overall health who have long been concerned with a particular aspect of their appearance. In many cases, these areas of concern have persisted despite rigorous diet and exercise.

  • Body

    Dr. Krugman offers a wide range of customizable procedures to reshape the contours of your body. These procedures help firm and smooth areas that may not respond to diet and exercise. By removing excess fat deposits and inelastic skin, they help to provide a healthy and more youthful apppearance. For more dramatic results, many of these procedures may be combined together, minimizing cost, discomfort and your recovery period. 

  • Breast

    The surgical reshaping of the breasts can help you acheive a more proportionate balance and body contour. Dr. Krugman will work with you to augment, lift, reduce or reconstruct your breasts in order to meet your personal goals. These procedures are customized based on your wishes to provide natural and individual results.

  • Face

    Procedures for your face can dramatically enhance the youthfulness of your overall appearance, as they affect the most visible area of the body. Facial surgery procedures improve facial contours, restore balance, and give your face a more energetic look. Dr. Krugman's deep interest in the artistry of facial procedures will help ensure you the most personal and natural outcome possible.