Skin Cancer Excisions

The surgical excision of skin cancer tumors is the most common method of skin cancer treatment. For this method, Dr. Krugman removes all visible cancer cells through a straightforward surgical procedure designed to give the best aesthetic result. A border of healthy tissue is also removed, with the amount removed depending on the severity of the cancer.

Who Can Benefit from Skin Cancer Excisions?

  • As the most common skin cancer treatment, this surgery is appropriate for most skin cancer cases.
  • Simple excision is particularly good for treatment of small cancerous tumors with distinct margins.
  • Good overall health and skin laxity will both contribute to a better recovery period and final aesthetic result.
  • This treatment is ideal for skin cancers in areas where preserving the tissue is less critical.

Skin Cancer Excisions in Orange County: What to Expect

  • Skin cancer excision may generally be performed under local anesthetic. For certain areas, sedation or general anesthetic may provide greater comfort.
  • A simple incision is made around the area of skin cancer. A layer of normal tissue is also removed, the size of which depends on the severity of the cancer.
  • In some cases, curettage and desiccation is performed, in which an electric current is used. This serves to minimize bleeding and kill any cancer cells that may remain.
  • The incision is carefully closed following complete removal. In some cases, additional techniques such as skin flaps or skin grafting are used to give the most natural result.

What Happens After Skin Cancer Excisions?

  • A dressing or bandage will be applied to the area, which may be removed after about a week.
  • The treatment area may experience swelling, bruising, redness or tenderness during the first few days.
  • Normal activity may be resumed soon after surgery, but strenuous activity should be avoided for several weeks.
  • The surgical site must be protected from the sun for several months. A follow-up appointment should be schedule to ensure proper healing and the full removal of the cancer.

Alternatives to Skin Cancer Excisions

  • For certain types of skin cancer, Mohs reconstruction may provide the best results. This procedure provides complete removal of cancerous cells through microscopic analysis.
  • Other possible treatments include cryosurgery, radiation, and topical chemotherapy treatments.
  • Each skin cancer is different, and may require a different approach or several approaches. More extensive cancers may require several surgeries or a combinations of treatments.

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